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Vulcanized Rubber Engine Mounts with Locking Safety Bolt. Used for the installation of a 429/460 engine. Most mounts utilize stock frame perches & bolt directly to the engine block. Does not require relocation of transmission or transfer case. Built with Grade 8 Stud, Military Spec Rubber.

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A common question in regards to selecting the right 460 motor mounts for the 460 swap is whether to use solid steel or rubber mounts.

  • Although people are often told to buy solid steel mounts, solid steel engine mounts are NOT recommended for use in daily-driver trucks. The reason for this is that solid steel engine mounts do not allow for any give or movement, resulting in cracked engine frames. While solid steel mounts can be appropriate for drag racing, they are NOT appropriate for daily driver vehicles.
  • Unless you are drag racing, rubber mounts are the appropriate choice for you daily driver truck.
  • ****If you have a F150 and F250/F350 2WD truck with a stock 302/351W and if you want to run headers, such as 79750KP or 79750DP, use part number 040475. If you are not running headers, just use 030495 for 2WD trucks with the stock 302/351W.***
  • To learn more about this product check out our mount article in the "News and Reveiws" section

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