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ELECTROLESS NICKELSHIELD PLATING NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME USE PART #79750GP 1978-79 Bronco 1977½-79 F100/F150 Complete With Hi Performance Header Gaskets, Collector Reducers and Installation Hardware. 1/2" Thick Flange 1 3/4" Primary Tubes 4 into 1 Header

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Chassis Exit

  • 4 into 1 Header
  • 1-3/4 inch Primary Tube
  • Requires 4" lift
  • Will not fit with 10 QT Oil Pan System Part no.040509
  • Requires AT LEAST a 4in suspension lift. However, you must also be sure to have the proper bump stops in addition to the lift to limit compression travel. Engine position is critical to running full-length headers.

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