Burnin’ Desire 1995 Special

13. February, 2018

460 Swaps

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Our customer as seen on the cover of Off-Road magazine

By Rick Sieman

Todd and Lisa Rabert have been truck fanatics for a long time. It all started in 1987 with Todd’s first truck, a Ford F-150. He knew absolutely nothing about making a tall vehicle, but wanted to get that thing up in the air. He started with a 3-inch body lift that let him run 31-inch Buckshot tires.

This didn’t last long-a 4-inch suspension lift allowed him to run 34-inch Swampers. This truck was beat to death romping in the hills with friends. It was replaced with a ’91 Ford F-250 that Todd swore he was going to leave alone.

His promise turned to vapors when he went to a truck show in Bloomsburg. Once again, he started lifting, adding big tires, more lift, and so on. It ended up with a 6-suspension lift, 3-inch body lift, and 42-inch Super Swampers for traction.

When Todd got married, he and Lisa decided this truck was not show material, so they decided to let it all hang out and build exactly what they wanted. This meant starting out with the right stuff: On March 21, 1994, they went out and purchased a brand-new Ford F-350 with a 460 under the hood.

Less than a week later, the new truck was in a zillion pieces in their backyard. Since Todd had experience with a few trucks, he knew what he wanted and what mistakes to avoid. Right off, he knew that no lift blocks would be part of this project. It would be done right!


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