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19. December, 2017

460 Swaps

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Sultan of Swap as seen in 4-Wheel and Offroad

By Mike Magda

In the search for more horsepower, the advice most often heard is, “There’s no substitute for cubic inches.” Generally that’s true, especially when the talk is focused on street-driven vehicles. There are superchargers, nitrous-oxide kits, radical camshafts, tunnel-ram manifolds and a shopping cart full of other modifications that can push a smaller engine’s horsepower curve higher, but there are also questions of practicality and price that have to be considered.

The most common method of getting those extra inches under the hood is to substitute the small engine with its big block counterpart. For full-size Ford Bronco owners, one of the easiest and most popular swaps is to drop in a 460 engine in place of the 302.

The switch is so simple that one day we test drove a stock 302-powered Bronco at 10:00 A.M., watched Alan make the change, and by 4:30 P.M. we were driving a 460-powered Bronco.

Such a swap isn’t always that quick, however. Proper preparation of the 460 engine was essential before the hoist was hooked up.

The 460 engine is an excellent source of low-end torque and midrange horsepower for off-roading. It’s the big brother in Ford’s 385 engine series, the smaller being the 429ci model.


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