L&L 460 Engine Conversion as seen in Pickups Plus

19. December, 2017

460 Swaps

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L&L 460 Complete Conversion kit featuring our signature heavy-duty 460 flywheel assembly. The best value for your money, our clutch and flywheel combo comes complete with our custom-designed heavy-duty billet flywheel , pressure plate and disc combo, bolts, pilot bearing, and alignment tool.

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Power Exchange-Swapper’s Secrets

“How does L&L make this seemingly difficult swap so east? Simple. All needed parts are included in the L&L kit, eliminating a lot of the problems usually encountered with 460 swaps. L&L knows how to save time by not disconnecting items that will be put back on the new engine.
L&L’s kit includes everything to make the swap look like a factory installation.”

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